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  • Who We Are

    CAA-GBG Global Brand Management Group is a joint venture between Global Brands Group and Creative Artists Agency, creating the world’s largest licensing and brand management company.

  • Our Clients

    We represent globally iconic brand properties and personalities, committed to creating brands that resonate in culture and lifestyles across multiple markets.

  • Our Expertise

    We are experts in creating lifestyle brands based on our strategic insight and understanding of the retail and e-commerce landscape.

  • Our Objective

    We are committed to providing strategic brand expansions to reach consumers world-wide.

  • Our Offering

    We provide exciting and seamless brand extensions for our clients to help them open new distribution, migrate to strategic categories and ultimately reach new customers around the world.

  • Our Difference

    We build global businesses for our clients that deliver to their brand promise. We are driven by brand stewardship, design strategy and an unparalleled international network of business development.

We Work With
Major Brands

We are honored to work with some of the best brands in the world and we use our years of experience to deliver globally award-winning strategic brand solutions. We have set the benchmark in our industry and redefinied expectations.
  • Celebrity
    & Lifestyle Brands

    Celebrity, fashion and home brands covering fast fashion, lifestyle, sports, luxury and home
  • Corporate

    Brands from a range of sectors including fashion, auto, food, and beverage. Long-term properties with significant multi-territory awareness
  • Entertainment

    Movie, publishing, toy, and social media based brands, targeting the children’s, teen, and young adult markets

Our Reach

  • $12.4B
    2016 Retail

  • $250m

  • 600

  • 100+ Countries
    Our Products

  • 60+

  • 25 Offices
    In 21

We Are Committed to Our Clients and to Build Global Businesses that Deliver to Their Brand Promise

We Are Not Driven by Sales but by Brand Stewardship

Our Equity Is the Quality of Relationships We Build with Our Buyers and Our Clients