Coca-Cola x Peacebird

CAA-GBG worked with Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic beverage brands, to expand beyond its core category and engage with the world’s youth through fashion. A collaboration with Peacebird, one of the most influential Chinese street fashion brands, built engagement and experience amongst millennials through a pop-up store concept.


Before Peacebird, CAA-GBG was asked by prospects numerous times: how can an FMCG brand be associated with a fashion apparel brand and still retain the “youthful streetwear” image of the apparel brand? More often than not, prospects were concerned that the translation of Coca-Cola into apparel would mislead their target consumers, rather than engage them. This was CAA-GBG’s challenge.


The collaboration translated the soda brand perfectly into apparel, shifting Coca-Cola’s image from an FMCG brand to a lifestyle brand, and winning them a LIMA award. For Peacebird, not only has the company enlarged its target audience and generated incremental sales, but it has now also entered into a new era of the “collaboration economy”.